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Art Through Time Contest

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 28, 2010, 1:56 AM

Art Through Time Contest

Now our fifth and biggest contest yet. This time we are doing a contest based on Art Through Time where you guys will travel through selected art stages and try and do it as they did it back then. Check each era for their individual details.




:bulletgreen:Era - 15,000
:bulletblue:Artist - Cave paintings
:bulletgreen:Style - Ancient
:bulletblue:Media - Charcoal, Dirt
HANDS OF THE PAST by smortaus

Rules For Section
:bulletblue:Only traditional media entries.
:bulletgreen:The only materials allowed to be used in this section are the ones that are the ones that are mentioned. All art must be done on rocks/caves in either dirt or charcoal. You are not allowed to use any other material of any kind.

Depending on how the rest of the contest goes, the prizes for this section will be moved to another section or to a new contest.

:bulletgreen:Starting Date: 2/5/2011 Your Local Time.
:bulletblue:Ending Date: 16/5/2011 Your Local Time.
:bulletgreen:Era - 5000
:bulletblue:Artist - Cave paintings
:bulletgreen:Style - Ancient
:bulletblue:Media - Pictographic writing, Pottery wheel
  1. Pottery -
  2. Bottle Vase - Studio Pottery by heathwreed
  3. Pictographic -
  4. egyptology by Dr-Caine

Rules For Section
:bulletblue:Only physical media entries
:bulletgreen:May be an entry of either a vase/jug/cup that you created, or a picture of you making something with a pottery wheel.
:bulletblue:Pictographic works must be done in clay or drawn onto rock with dirt/charcoal.

:bulletgreen:Starting Date: 16/5/2011 Your Local Time.
:bulletblue:Finishing Date: 30/5/2011 Your Local Time.

:bulletgreen:Era - 200
:bulletblue:Artist - Nike of Samothrace
:bulletgreen:Style - Roman
:bulletblue:Media - Chinese invent paper, Quill pen
  1. Nike -
  2. winged nike of samothrace by napoleoman
  3. Quill -
  4. :thumb85862296:

Rules For Section
:bulletblue:Only physical media, literature and traditional entries.
:bulletgreen:All literature entries must be done with a quill/calligraphy pen on paper. You may put full text elsewhere (such as artists comments) if text is not readable. Can be about the Nike statue or relevant to writings of this time.
:bulletblue:Physical media must be appropriate to the style of this time. You may create your own Nike statue.
:bulletgreen:Traditional works may now be done on paper paper. They must be appropriate to the style and time period. May be of the Nike statue. You can only use dirt, charcoal and quill to create your work.


:bulletgreen:Starting Date: 08/07/2011 <a…">Your Local Time.
:bulletblue:Finishing Date: 22/07/2011 Your Local Time.

:bulletgreen:Era - 1400 & 1500
:bulletblue:Artist -
  1. 1400 - Botticelli, da Vinci, Piero, Lippi
  2. 1500 - Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, El Greco, Bruegel, Arcimboldo

:bulletgreen:Style -
  1. 1400 - Early Renaissance, Linear perspective
  2. 1500 - High Renaissance, Northern Renaissance

:bulletblue:Media -
  1. 1400 - Printing press, Oil paint, Pastel
  2. 1500 - First use of canvas

  1. Printing -
  2. Printing Metropolis by OptimalProtocol
  3. Oil paint -
  4. :thumb176320446:
  5. Pastel -
  6. Pastel Restriction by BTBArtistPastel Pain Addiction 2 by BTBArtist

Rules For Section
:bulletblue:Only traditional media allowed.
:bulletgreen:Print works may be use via printing press or stencil. Must relate and match the eras style.
:bulletblue:Paint and pastel works must be of the same style of other artworks created during this time.
:bulletgreen:Painted works must be done in oil paint.
:bulletblue:Canvases may now be used.

:bulletgreen:Starting Date: 08/07/2011 <a…">Your Local Time.
:bulletblue:Finishing Date: 22/07/2011 Your Local Time.

:bulletgreen:Era - 1800 & 1875
:bulletblue:Artist -
  1. 1800 -  Goya, Ingres, Constable
  2. 1875 - Cassatt, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Monet, Morisot, Seurat

:bulletgreen:Style -
  1. 1800 - Romanticism, Realism
  2. 1875 - Impressionism, Post-Impressionism

:bulletblue:Media -
  1. 1800 - Photography, Watercolors
  2. 1875 - Ballpoint pen

  1. 1800 - Photography -
  2. Romanticism by ElifKarakocFlashback by st3ramone
  3. Paint -
  4. forest path by erindurfeySummer romanticism. by herrerojulia
  5. 1875 - Impressionism -
  6. Impressionism by FeuerlilieImpressionism by SleepingxSun

#Note - The modern pencil was made in 1600 and now may be used.

Rules For Section
:bulletblue:Only photographic and traditional works.
:bulletgreen: Photographic works must be done in the style that was available at the time.
:bulletblue:All works must be done in this eras style.
:bulletgreen:Traditional works may not be done in acrylic. Only water colour and oil paints.

:bulletgreen:Starting Date: 27/6/2011 Your Local Time.
:bulletblue:Finishing Date: 11/7/2011 Your Local Time.

:bulletgreen:Era - 1900 & 1950
:bulletblue:Artist -
  1. 1900 - Hartley, MacDonald-Wright, Dalí, Lange
  2. 1950 - Albers, Pollock, de Kooning, Rothko, Stella, Warhol

:bulletgreen:Style -
  1. 1900 - Abstraction, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Dada, Surrealism
  2. 1950 - Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Op Art

:bulletblue:Media - 1900 - Acrylic paint, Crayon
  1. 1900 - Fauvism -
  2. Self Portrait - fauvism by nashaathFauvism by fabigoesnuts
  3. Cubism -
  4. Abstraction by SyaCubism by stechpalme
  5. 1950 - Pop Art -
  6. Pop Art by tinymalteserfetish or pop art? by effettoeffe

Rules For Section
:bulletblue:Only Digital and traditional works allowed.
:bulletgreen:All work must be done fitting to a style of this era.
:bulletblue:All materials may be used for traditional works.

:bulletgreen:Starting Date: 11/7/2011 Your Local Time.
:bulletblue:Finishing Date: 25/7/2011 Your Local Time.

2011 free for all! In this section you are allowed to use any media on anyway you wish. The theme for this section is The Creation of Art. Now, in this section, we dont want just any old picture and we dont want just a finished product. In this section we are asking you to show us HOW you created that picture. Show us HOW you put that physical media piece together. Write us a poem about HOW art is created. We want the process not the end. So, for example you can take a picture of someone painting or use a tutorial deviation.

painting by MissyDiamond1painting by thsesmepainting process by Roggles:thumb110854356:creation by levres-rouges

#Note - Example pictures are not all accurate to the style or era. They are only the best that could be found on deviantART. It is suggest you research your chosen style and era. Any of the artists names are good to look at and draw inspiration from.


:bulletgreen:You must be a member of the group to participate
:bulletblue:Media depends on what section you choose to join.
:bulletgreen:You must say in your artists comments that the deviation is entered into TheDeviantARTGallery's Art Through Time Contest. You must also state which era and style you have chosen to work with. Dont forget to put a link to the groups journal, as well as put the groups icon. If you do not, the deviation will not be accepted.
:bulletblue:The deviation can be made before the starting date.
:bulletgreen:You are only allowed to submit ONE entry to each stage. However, only one of your deviations may make it into the top 7.
:bulletblue:All entries must be in the style that is stated in the era you choose to work with.
:bulletgreen:We ask that you keep it clean, but mature content is allowed.
:bulletblue:Make sure you follow each stages individual rules.
:bulletgreen:If you use a material that was made before the era you are working on, you may only use to enhance the deviation. You cannot use it to create the entire deviation unless it matches the style of that era.
:bulletblue:Entires must be entered into their appropriate era folder. It can be found by clicking on the Contest Entry folder and then clicking on Art Through Time contest folder. There you will find the folder you are looking for.


Judging will be based on technique, visual impact, and relevance to style of era and media.


The prize list can now be found at the new Art Through Time Contest Prize List Page. Go check it out!

Requests & Thank Yous

We ask that people help us by advertising and donating prizes. Be sure to tell us if you do!

All information shown in this contest to do with dates, media, style and artists was gathered from here…

skin by 24o

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